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                        1. Quality Machining and Fabricating

                          Small Parts Machine Inc., located 40 miles north of Pittsburgh in historic Harmony, Pennsylvania, is a family owned business offering precision CNC machining since 1972. We machine materials such as carbon, alloy and stainless steels, plastics, brass, aluminum, and rhodium. Wire EDM cutting and light fabricating make us specialists in the business. We serve all industries requiring precision machined parts with competitive pricing and personalized service. Our employees have over 140 years of combined experience in the machining business. When your parts demand strict tolerances and quality, Small Parts Machine is your answer.

                          Equipment Includes:

                          • CNC Lathes
                          • CNC Milling Machines
                          • Wire EDM Machines
                          • 2 Ton Overhead Cranes
                          • Surface Grinder

                          • Manual Lathes
                          • Bridge Ports
                          • Saws
                          • Welding Equipment

                          Small Parts Machine Inc.

                          252 Mercer Street
                          Harmony, Pa 16037
                          Phone: 724.452.1360
                          Fax: 724.452.4170

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